For the love of pies


We’re proud to say, baking is in our DNA. We’ve been making mouth-watering pies since 1966. And every year since then, our products have gotten even tastier.

Our story first began when Peter and Annie Rijs bought a small cake shop named Patties in Lakes Entrance, Victoria and began offering their customers irresistible savoury treats. It wasn’t long before their business began to boom and bite by bite, the Patties legend began to grow. By the mid eighties, thanks to its famous pies, pastries and party food, Patties had become a household name. 

Since then, we’ve created an even bigger range of products for our customers to enjoy; favourites like the Party 30 Pack, East Meets West Combo Pack and Patties Pie Bites. We’ve also produced some iconic advertising over the years, some even featuring former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawk. And with each day that passes, we’ll continue to explore new and innovative ways to deliver Australian families all of their home snacking and entertaining solutions. 

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