Real Chunky Steak Pie - New from FOUR'N TWENTY


One of FOUR’N TWENTY’s latest new product is the exciting Real Chunky Steak Pie.


The Real Chunky Steak Pie has the tenderest chunks of slow-cooked steak of any nationally supplied pie on the market.


It’s one of the latest in a long line of product innovations that ensures FOUR’N TWENTY keeps its number one status nationally in savoury retail and the convenience market.


Innovation is a key focus within the business, along with an unwavering commitment to using the highest quality ingredients and processes.


Other FOUR’N TWENTY product innovations in recent years have included the Legendary Angus Beef Pie, and the rectangular-shaped Traveller Pie, which is easy to eat on-the-go.


The FOUR’N TWENTY Real Chunky Steak Pie was recently awarded a Bronze Medal in the Great Aussie Pie Competition.  It’s available nationally through convenience stores, and in foodservice.


FOUR’N TWENTY – the Great Australian Taste – just keeps on getting greater!