The making of an Aussie icon


The FOUR’N TWENTY legend began back in 1947 when Mr LT McClure began baking ‘the most delicious meat pies in Bendigo’. It wasn’t long before the folks in Melbourne caught on, and demand for his tasty treats grew. To keep up with orders, McClure opened a store at the Melbourne Showgrounds, before eventually building an even larger bakery in Ascot Vale, where deliveries were sent to cities and towns all across Australia. 

But there was one destination on McClure’s delivery list that really stood out; a place that kept the orders coming, season after season: the Football. FOUR’N TWENTY pies had become synonymous with the footy. And nothing else could beat a hearty meat pie on a cold winter’s afternoon.

In 2003, Patties Foods bought the FOUR’N TWENTY business and through our passion for the brand, it has continued to be a much-loved part of Australian culture. 

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