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  • Can I find heating instructions on the website?

     No but you will find them on the back of pack

  • I love your recipes and want to find more, where should I look?

    All our recipes can be found online here

  • What type of meat do you use in you Herbert Adams Slow Cooked pies?

    To arrive at the fantastic quality product, Herbert Adams have tested 9 different cuts of meat to deliver the best tasting and eating chunky product on the market. Through exhaustive testing we have determined that the best  result came from using high quality cuts of meat, rather than secondary cuts, cooked specifically to ensure the best quality eat and consistent level of chunk in each pie

  • Am I required to cook the Herbert Adams Slow Cooked Pies for 8 hours?

    No. Herbert Adams has done the work for you. Our Slow-Cooked pies use Australian Beef and now also Australian lamb, that is cooked for 8 hours, ensuring you get an ultra tender chunky pie that can be heated in much less time Simply folllow the instructions on the back of pack.

  • I've thawed my Herbert Adams pie and placed it in the fridge, how long can I keep it for?

    From thawed you have up to 5 days to cook the product before it is no longer safe to consume. Once thawed however do not re-freeze.

  • Where do I find specific nutrition / allergen information for your products?

    Our new site contains all the product and nutritional information you need including allergens. Simply select the brand you are interested in from our main menu, then click on the range and/or product you would like more information on. If you still have questions please contact us here


  • I am having trouble finding my favourite Herbert Adams product, can you help?

    Herbert Adams is sold in Coles, Woolworths and Independent supermarkets as well as selected conventence stores and cafes. Sometimes certain ranges and flavours will only be available in larger stores or selected outlets. If you are still having trouble finding your favourite product please contact us here.

  • What type of animal fats & oils do you use in Herbert Adam's products?

    We use margarines that are made using Tallow. The tallow used is of Australian origin and has been made from Australian Cattle (Bovine) and Australian Sheep (Ovine).

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