Ethical Sourcing


At Patties Foods, our commitment to quality means always doing our best – whether we’re selecting the juiciest fruits, baking the perfect pies or applying sustainable business practices. That’s why, wherever we can, we choose to use methods that help reduce the pressure on the earth’s resources.

Patties Foods has developed our Supplier Assurance Program, to include both environmental sustainability and ethical practices, as cornerstones of this program. This goes to all levels of supply, from materials and services and includes all inputs into the supply chain, from farming through final processing.

We’ve developed an ethical sourcing policy and conduct ethical supply audits as part of our supplier approval program. Our suppliers share similar values on quality and sustainability and have a strong focus on ethics, human rights and reducing environmental impact.

For us, achieving the greatest improvements is through genuine engagement and collaboration with our partners. Here is a bit more about what we do:


We’ve undertaken three key ethical sourcing initiatives: 100% Cage-Free Egg Commitment, Using Sustainable Palm Oil and adhering to the National Packaging Covenant.


Patties Foods is improving its impact on world around us.

Patties Foods are committing to use only eggs from hens that live in cage-free environments. The transition will be complete by 1 January 2019 – this means every single egg we use in a Patties Foods branded product will be will 100 per cent cage-free and from hens that can walk freely in a barn or on open land. 

We are committed to working with our suppliers to continually monitor and ethically source ingredients using best industry practices.

Patties Foods have an ethical sourcing policy and conduct audits as part of our supplier approval program. For us, achieving the greatest improvements is through genuine engagement and collaboration with our partners. Our suppliers share similar values on quality and sustainability and have a strong focus on ethics, human rights, animal welfare and reducing environmental impact.

We select suppliers that are fully compliant with the standards set out in the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals and all State and Territory laws and regulations in Australia.

Our commitment to develop and implement sustainable food initiatives requires time and investment. We will manage this in a sustainable and cost-effective way during the transition period, ensuring consumers continue to access affordable high-quality foods throughout. We look forward to working with our suppliers, farmers, civil society and customers to drive progress.


The use of sustainable palm helps prevent the clearing of virgin forests in Indonesia and Malaysia, protecting the home of species such as Orangutans.

Patties Foods is a signatory to the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) initiative, established in 2004 to help promote the production of sustainable palm oil for the benefit of the planet, all its people and our prosperity. Patties Foods has a Mass Balance (MB) program in place to confirm our use of sustainable palm oil.


Patties Foods became a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant in 2001. This is a National initiative which aims to change how businesses think about design, sustainable packaging, recycling rates and packaging litter.

As part of our commitment to helping protect the environment, we’ve undertaken a five-year action plan which includes:

1. Optimising our packaging design to reduce environmental impact. We believe this can be done whilst still maintaining our product efficiency, quality and safety standards.

2. Continuously improving our procedures and documentation processes. We want to increase our recycled packaging material and “full life cycle approach” to product design and creation. We believe this does not need to impact product quality, safety and integrity.

3. Driving adherence to the Packaging Covenants initiatives and sustainable packaging principles and strategies throughout our full supply chain process. We have reviewed:

  • Our supplier selection and management process and our R&D Supplier Technical Review process
  • Our product designs with our packaging suppliers
  • How we work with our recycling partners to create, implement and drive resource recovery initiatives:

i. Internally within the Bairnsdale facility
ii. Externally with the East Gippsland Shire Council (including improved use of packaging recycling waste management recovery systems such as kerbside management).


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Our Chicken & Leek and NEW Chicken & Chorizo pies now use chicken from RSPCA Approved farms, where chickens are raised according to RSPCA welfare standards.

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